Aaron and I have found ourselves in somewhat of a Sunday ritual. He watches River Monsters on Animal Planet while I make my grocery list. I interrupt him with comments purposely meant to annoy him and he rolls his eyes and ignores me for the most part. Last weekend my obnoxious probing was somewhat of a repeat. I found myself imitating a hyperbolic version of a dude at the gym (think Amy Shumer’s body building boyfriend in Trainwreck), asking things like Hey bro, how much can you bench? or Hey bruh, you get all your macros in today?

Then my very hilarious joke took a turn down a dark corner. I started to wonder What ARE these macros? And should I, a non-weight lifter who’s still just trying to avoid that canister of sour patch kids in the café every day, actually be counting them?

At the same moment my questions got real, I guess River Monsters got really interesting too. I’d lost Aaron. I’d have to do my own research (at least until the next commercial).

Hang on to your thick rimmed glasses folks, it’s about to get nerdy!


First thing’s first. WTF is a macro? It’s actually short for macronutrient and they’re basically the types of calories you consume that give you energy. You’ll recognize them as Carbs, Fats and Proteins. And, despite what you learned about the overly complicated food pyramid growing up (seriously… what are ‘only sometimes’ foods anyway?), these 3 simple macronutrients make up your calorie intake each day.

I was curious about my current calorie breakdown. I’d been counting calories for what seemed like forever, but I’d never really looked at what they were made of… and I was kind of excited about it!

Here’s what my calorie intake looked like:


Ummm… What? I swore I wasn’t eating that many carbs.

After evaluating my goals with Aaron, doing some more research, I decided that a diet consisting of 30% carbs, 30% fat and 40% protein will allow me to move toward my goal of losing a few pounds before swimsuit season. Here’s my ideal breakdown compared to my old breakdown:


So I need to add some protein to my diet (Aaron says he could have told me that from the start, but hey, the numbers never lie). Maybe the title of this post was an exaggeration. Calorie counting isn’t gone forever, but there’s a pretty good chance it’s only one part of a sustainable diet that I can love for the rest of my life.

Stay tuned for more on macros. Until then, leave your questions and sign up for email notifications so you never miss a post!



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