Hey there, this is Aaron. As a lifelong sports nut, I’ve never really gotten into writing and nerdy stuff but I am going to give it my best shot.

As a personal trainer, I see many different types of people with many different goals and aspirations. None of them are better or worse than another, just different. What needs to happen no matter your point in the journey and wherever the end point, your goal must be specific and attainable. It sounds so simple but it is crazy how many times I have been in a first-time session and had to help steer a client in the right direction. When you commit to a goal, be specific, decide when you’ll get it done, and break the goal up into smaller parts.

When you commit to a goal, be specific, decide when you’ll get it done, and break the goal up into smaller parts.

I know everyone knows the saying ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint,’ and in the fitness world it couldn’t be truer. During a marathon the end goal is the finish line at mile 26.2. But what happens along the way?

You have your start. You’re all fired up you get to try out your new clothes and show everyone around you that you made this decision to race and you’re super excited about it. When you take that first step, miles 1 through 3 are awesome and fun and full of encouragement and high fives.

Then you get into miles 3 through 10. Here the initial excitement is wearing off, and now you start the grind. This is where you get 10 miles in, the first 10 lbs come off, it’s where you’re seeing results; and the work and the consistency are so important. This is where you find out what keeps you going and what small goals you can set to eventually reach your ultimate goal. Get through mile 5, do 5 more push ups, or go for 5 more minutes.


Mile 13.1 is special. Now you are halfway through and need to look at what has worked and what you need to do to finish this thing. Maybe more weights. Maybe more rest days. Maybe join a class you have never tried just for the heck of it. From half way to the finish line it’s all about you. People on the course know you now and excitement and novelty have worn off. Now you put your head down and finish this thing.

And here is the finish line!!!! Finally all the work and time and energy has paid off. You reach that goal, throw your hands up and cheer. But here is the part no one thinks about. What’s next? Do I run this same race again? Do I look for a different town or change of scenery? Or do I change races altogether? That is up to you to decide. Once you finish one it’s so much easier to do it again because now you have the tools and drive to make it happen. Whether it’s a big transformation or mastering a certain exercise, all goals deserve the same focus and attention.

Share with us! What’s your marathon?

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