Hello again. As I sit here today with all of my muscles sore and achy, I also have this drive and excitement of starting a new fitness routine that I have never done before. It has given me a challenge and that is something I have not had since college when I was in competitive athletics.

I want to go back into the gym but there is no way another workout of that intensity would be anything except detrimental to my body. So now what to do? I have two options one: do something in my living room or two: stop by the clubhouse of my apartment complex and do something low impact that still gives me a challenge.

Because I live on the second floor I think I will respect the neighbors and get on an elliptical. Here is a workout for an off day or an active rest day. This is also great if you’re looking for a low-impact cardio workout. Best of all you can watch your favorite 30 minute show and have it finished by the end.

Make sure speed is moderate for you. Shouldn’t be killer but should work up a little sweat.

– Aaron

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