Just because you’re not a runner doesn’t mean you can’t get hot and sweaty with the treadmill this Valentine’s Day. (See what I did there?) Some days I’m just not motivated for my workout. Usually, if I can just get my butt into my workout clothes and out the door, the rest is easy. But… some days when I get to the gym, face-to-face with whatever torture machine I’ve planned on using, I become even less motivated.

It’s best to have a backup plan ready for these situations, and there are several great reasons to keep this one in your back pocket. For starters, because it’s a walking workout, I immediately scoff and think ‘Oh, I can handle this.’ Also, because it’s broken down into short intervals, I can avoid the boredom that can come with longer workouts.

So that’s how I trick myself… but once I’m about 8 minutes in (when it’s too late to turn back), I remember why this no-run workout actually kind of sucks. The steep incline gets my heart rate up right away. The ‘no hands’ intervals force my glutes and hamstrings to work to keep up with the speed of the treadmill while my core is working to keep me balanced. The backwards intervals felt a little silly the first time I did them, but eventually I came to appreciate the unexpected switch.

Try out this no-run interval workout and let me know what you think!

no run workout

Need something nerdy to keep you moving (and distracted)? I listened to this episode of Reply All while I did this workout.

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