His & Hers: Our faves for May


We love this month! Get out your sunnies because it’s about to get bright out. Stay cool (and warm) with our faves this month.

Favorite stress reliever

Sam: Adult coloring books – Whether you’re fancy or just fed up, take a page from your favorite kindergartner’s book (literally). I cannot get over how relaxing it is.

Aaron: Flag Football – I love to play flag. Growing up as an athlete I still need something to help me keep that competitive edge and take some of the pent up energy out.

Favorite thing to wear

Sam: One piece swimsuits – Because let’s face it, by the time Memorial Day rolls around we’re still not necessarily ‘bikini-ready’. I say, rock the bikini anyway, but for the days I’m really not feeling it, I’m so happy that one piece swimwear is everywhere right now.

Aaron: A great pear of sweatpants – My legs don’t really fit into regular jeans or dress pants. Sam bought me a pair of jeans from her work and I almost ripped them trying to put them on. Sweats feel good and are comfortable and the best part is that I can wear them to work!

Favorite Drink

Sam: Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy – I always have a hard time with really sweet summer drinks. While I love things like Lime-a-rita’s and fancy cocktails, it’s hard to drink all that sugar without feeling a little sick. Curious Traveler is a nice semi-sweet alternative that’s perfect for a day by the pool.

Aaron: Ok I know this doesn’t really sound like me, but my favorite summer drink is kind of girly. I really like Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat beer. I picked it up once for a summer cook out and now it is my grilling beer. Sam laughs at me all the time because I am supposed to be manly but this is really so good.


Sam: COOLA ® Suncare Sport Sunscreen Spray – I’m trying to make skincare and sun protection a priority. I’m pretty careful about what I put into my body, but I tend to ignore the dangers of too much sun exposure. Before vacation in March I purchased a super cute COOLA travel pack. I didn’t burn even a little. Let’s just say Aaron did not have the same positive experience with his sunscreen and ended up stealing mine before the trip was over.

Aaron: Spartan Carton – This was a birthday present and I have to say I loved it! I wasn’t sure how much I would like the natural and paleo supplements but it has opened my eyes to another side of fitness and nutrition. The samples were fantastic and actually tasted great! I would say this would be a great purchase for anyone that is just curious about sample packs or monthly boxes.

What are you crazy about this May? Tell us with a comment!

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  1. LOVE me the Coola sunscreen! Fun list! Thanks for sharing.

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