2016 summer date night bucket list

Date night gets so much better with the start of summer. Drinks on a patio and dinner outside with a great view are tough to beat. But, there are so many creative date night options that take a turn from the normal dinner and a movie.

Aaron and I always talk about these creative ways to spend time together. Especially in the winter, we find ourselves making promises to do this or that when it’s warm outside again. Usually, by the time it’s spring again, we’ve forgotten about these creative date ideas and go back to the more expensive, standard options.

This year, we’ve created our official Summer Bucket List, which Aaron and I have agreed to complete by Labor Day.

Just building this list was a bonding activity in itself… One I would encourage any couple to create.

  1. Run an obstacle race
  2. Hike somewhere we’ve never been
  3. Go kayaking
  4. Defeat a hill workout
  5. Swim in a lake at night
  6. Play flag football
  7. Have a picnic
  8. Have a bonfire and make fancy s’mores
  9. Go to a festival
  10. Make dinner only from food purchased at a farmer’s market
  11. Go to a drive in movie
  12. Camp somewhere that’s not a campground

Tell us about some of your creative date ideas, or feel free to pick up this list and check them off with us this summer! Don’t forget to take pics and tag them with #AMBucketList!

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