It’s a new year with new resolutions for millions of people across the country. Some are to quit a bad habit. Others are to start a good habit. Some of you might be looking to build your gym confidence.

Everyone has a different reason or rhyme for their own pledge to change something positively in their lives for the next year. My positive change is kind of silly to some people my age, but I feel it’s time to get hip with today’s technology.

My resolution is simply to learn how to use Microsoft Office tools by myself. I can hear the giggles and gasps from everyone that just read that. Sam has been the biggest help in the entire world with computer stuff that I have had to do. My little joke to her has always been she can find us a restaurant in a new town from her mobile device but if that doesn’t work I can get dinner from the woods or water with my hands.

How does this relate to the title? Technology scares me and makes me feel very uncomfortable, so I avoid it. That is until this year.

If your resolution is to build your gym confidence and you’re a little scared of the people staring and judging in the gym, then I have some tips for something I know way better than technology: and that’s how to become comfortable in the gym.

Just walk In

The hardest part is walking in and feeling like everything is foreign or already being used by someone else. When you get to a gym the regulars will already have their plans and places. Most of the time, benches are taken and the squat racks are full. These would be places to avoid while you’re getting comfortable with the setting of a gym.

Find a treadmill or bike or an open little area and call it yours. Do have a backup area in case yours is being used though. Here you can do your workouts and blend in if you’re worried about people staring. Make sure you have a workout plan before you enter and that you can complete most of the moves in your space.

Sam and I made these quick workout plans that you can print and keep in your gm bag for the next time you need a backup workout:

Try a class to build your gym confidence

Classes are a great way to begin going to the gym. You don’t need a plan. Just grab a towel, a water bottle, and some workout clothes and your instructor does the rest. This is also a great way to make friends and have some accountability on your workouts. Plus, you’re in your own room safe from the more experienced gym goers if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Remember that people aren’t staring

Now this one will surprise most people. People in the gym aren’t staring at you. Most people looking around are either resting between sets and trying to catch their breath, or are new and trying to find their place by imitating someone who looks like they know what they’re doing. If you walk in and have your plan and your place, you’ll be one of the normal gym goers.

Getting comfortable lets you grow in the gym

If you are comfortable in the gym and your plans start to get old, then you are in an awesome place. Now you can branch out into other areas of the gym and your fitness and confidence will only grow the more you do that.

Do you find yourself intimidated by the gym?


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