If you're just starting your fitness journey, protein supplements are something worth looking into. This post covers everything you need to know about protein supplements. When to take them, how often and much more! Click through or save this pin for later!

Protein supplements: The beginner’s guide

This post was inspired by my former fear of protein supplements. I specifically remember asking Aaron one day if I had to start drinking one of those ‘gross drinks’ he was always toting around. However, once I got my first tub of FitMiss Delight in Vanilla Chai, I was pretty much hooked. It turned into a sweet post-workout reward that I actually found myself looking forward to.

The questions below are very similar to the ones I asked Aaron when I started quizzing him about protein supplements, and I hope they help you too!

Most people feel that protein supplements are only for guys.This is terribly false. Women should also take protein supplements regularly.

What are common misconceptions?

Most people feel that protein supplements are only for big guys who are trying to get so big that they can’t reach down and tie their own shoes. This is terribly false. Everyone should have some sort of protein every day and in generous quantities. One of the things I hear from women is that they do not want to get bulky. This will not happen as the result of drinking one extra shake a day. Women are set up differently than men on a hormonal level. So unless you are taking some sort of testosterone enhancing supplement, you won’t build muscle the same way. The same goes for weight gain. Protein shakes are typically about 150 calories. That’s not enough to make a huge difference in your day.

Why should I take a protein supplements?

If you are active, you should have a protein supplement for daily maintenance on your body. Protein helps build and repair your muscles whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle.

When do I take it?

Normally within 30 minutes after you are done working out. And if you’re on a rest day, take it sometime around the time you would be done working out to keep your body on schedule.

How often should I take it?

Once a day is just fine.

What if I plan on eating dinner after my work out? Should I skip the protein supplements?

No. Always have a shake when you are done working out if it is possible.

Don’t they get pricey? Is it worth it?

You can always find deals and sales. Cheap protein would be about 25 bucks for 30 servings. So for about $32 you can be ready for your whole month. And yes, it is worth it. You can either spend that money on helping your body or on things to tear it down.

There are so many choices… Which is best for me?

This depends on what your lifestyle is. Whey is the best and most common kind for most people. Anything that says 100% Whey or Whey mix is just fine. Now, whey is a dairy product so if you are lactose intolerant it’s not such a good choice. Here you can either go it a beef protein or veggie. I will say right now and this comes from experience. Beef protein works and makes you feel better but oh my, it does not taste very good. Use caution with this one. As far as veggie protein goes, I recommend staying away from Soy. I can write a whole article about why but let’s just say it’s not the greatest thing to put in your body. I would use some sort of pea or veggie blend without soy.

Which brands do you recommend?

For whey protein, go for something like Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey or Fit Miss Delight. My go to for beef protein is Muscle Meds Carnivor. And a good veggie protein is NutraKey VPro.

Should I skip the protein supplements on days when I don’t work out?

Not if you don’t have to. It won’t do anything but help your recovery to drink a shake a day. However, if you want to stretch your protein supply for longer than a month, that’s understandable and you should do what make sense for you.

My boyfriend has protein supplements, can I just take his?

Of course. Offer to pitch in a couple bucks and get a big tub and I’m sure he won’t mind at all. But don’t be surprised if his doesn’t taste as good as the one you wanted.

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  1. Sara

    Hi! I’ve never made a protein shake before! What else goes in it besides protein? How do you make them? Do you need any special gadgets? Thanks!

    • There are a couple of options. First, choose your protein powder. Then you can do one of the following:
      1. Use a mixer bottle (I like the Contigo Shake & Go) and shake up one scoop of protein powder with 8-12 ounces of water.
      2. You can also add protein powder to a smoothie. I like to use a cup of almond milk, 1 scoop of a vanilla flavored protein supplement, half a banana and a handful of frozen fruit.

  2. Natalie Eggeman

    Chai sounds good! Surprised it’s only 150 calories. Does the protein shake fill you up pretty well? I always work out after dinner, which means I snack after 7:30 pm most nights. I’d rather have a 150 calorie protein shake if it’ll keep me from snacking, since my snacks always end up being carbs.

    • The vanilla Chai is actually 90 calories per serving, and yes and no. If you want to have that shake and then some sort of veggie you should feel full and not have to snack before bed.

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