summer prep challenge

Here’s the thing… We all have the best intentions on January 1st. You know, back when it was really easy to hide under a big sweater and start a gym membership. The reality is, it’s more than common to fall a little short of our goals by the time summer rolls around.

The good news? You’re probably being too hard on yourself. Even if you’re not feeling pumped to squeeze into your swimsuit in a week, there’s a good chance that a week of prepping will change your outlook on Memorial Day weekend and all your pool days ahead.

If you’re not feeling your best about the start of summer, join us for the 7 day summer prep challenge! Just 7 days of following 5 rules will get you feeling your very best for summer.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and for so many reasons! Did you know that often when you’re feeling hungry, you’re actually just thirsty? Filling up on water throughout the day will help keep you feeling full AND help you keep bloating to a minimum. I know it sounds strange, but drinking more water will help you retain less water.

Not a fan of water? Neither am I. It’s so freakin’  boring. And I’m sorry, but some water just tastes funny. (Don’t even TRY to tell me the water in my bathroom sink tastes the same as the water in my kitchen sink!) So, I have to somehow make myself excited about drinking a ‘lil H20. With a little bit of imagination, I can convince myself that sparkling water and fresh fruit are a fancy cocktail. I’m lying. No one has that much imagination… but imagine yourself looking like a hydrated hottie at the pool with a real cocktail in your hand next weekend.

2. Eat some vegetables… dammit! I’m serious. I want your fridge to look like Peter Cottontail is visiting next week. Fill it up with not just vegetables, but a rainbow of vegetables. Ahem…

Red – grape tomatoes
Orange – carrots
Yellow – yellow peppers
Green – sugar snap peas, broccoli, celery (choose like 3)
Blue – uhhh….
Indigo – WTF? Just skip this.
Violet – Purple carrots (they exist, I swear)

Ok… so maybe just focus on the first half of the rainbow, and make sure they’re snackable veggies. Now, chop them all up right when you get home from the grocery store and make little half-rainbow bags of grab-and-go snacks.

3. 3.5 hours of cardio – I don’t care how you do it or when you do it. 1/2 hour on the elliptical for all of 7 days is great. Get on a spin bike 3 days next week for an hour and then take a half-hour walk. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Cardio will keep you feeling your best throughout the week. Not only will it help you sweat off some pounds, but it will help you keep your energy and willpower up so that you’re making your best choices throughout the week

4. Skip happy hour. Nooooooooooooo! I hear you. I’m not looking forward to this situation. But, alcohol will keep you bloated and ultimately not looking your best in that teeny tiny bikini you’re going to be rocking in just 7 days. You can do it. There’s beer at the end of the challenge.

5. Minimize your sugar intake. Sorry. You can’t binge on sugar while you try to avoid wine. Yes, this is more bad news. Sugar is also pretty good at keeping you bloated and not looking or feeling your best.

That’s it! 5 rules and before you know it you’ll be soaking up the sun and looking fabulous as ever.

Aaron and I will be taking this challenge with all of you and posting photo evidence on our social media accounts. In fact, we’ll be taking things one step further with an expanded summer prep challenge that includes an awesome checklist that starts out small and gets more challenging throughout the week. You can get your copy by signing up below. Print it out, put it on your fridge and follow along!

Send me the entire 7 day summer prep challenge!


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