Supplements for beginners. There are so many websites and opinions about what you should and should not be taking. Just visit or GNC and you’ll be overwhelmed with hundreds of products that all claim to be a must for reaching your fitness goals.

The first goal of this post is to sort through all of the noise and list the basics with what you need to know for each supplement type. We’ve purposely not included affiliate links so that you can make up your mind and not feel like you’re being sold to.

The second goal of this post is to give you an easy way to approach this with your partner-in-crime…whether that’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or BFF.

We believe the following 6 supplements for beginners will get you started. Don’t feel like you must take any or all of these to reach your goals. Of course, it’s always good to discuss with your doctor before starting anything new… but everything here is pretty standard. As always, feel free to leave your questions in the comments!

We believe the following 6 supplements for beginners will get you started. Don't feel like you must take any or all of these to reach your goals.

Protein: Protein supplements are for building muscle and aiding in recovery. If you’re ready to get your feet wet, this is a great supplement to start with. I recommend guys have one scoop 2 or 3 times per day (one of those should be consumed after your workout). I recommend girls start with one scoop per day. If you’re spending a lot of time at the gym, take one in the morning and one after your workout.

BCAA: Take this after your workout to help with muscle building and recovery. BCAA’s contain leucine which is an amino acid that tells the muscle cells to begin to repair. Guys and girls can take one serving each, however; make sure you follow the instructions for the particular kind you purchase. Unflavored BCAAs can be added to your protein shake. If you get a flavored version, drinking it in the evening or before bed will work best.

Amino Acids: These have B vitamins to help you feel good through your workout or throughout the day. Guys and girls can each take this once a day. I like to do mine in the middle of my workout and Sam likes hers in the early morning. It’s your choice: take them during your workout or just when you’re feeling the most groggy during your day.

Caffeine: Gets you up and going and lets you start a workout (or your day) strong. Guys and girls can take the same amount. Most of the tablets are 200mgs and that is definitely enough for one day. Either take one to wake up and replace your coffee in the morning or one before your workout.

Fish Oil: Keeps your heart healthy and gives you your Omega-3’s and healthy fats. Fish oil should be consumed as instructed on the package. Most of the time it is 2 to 3 capsules depending on your body weight.

CLA: Aids in weight management and weight loss by reducing insulin sensitivity and restoring youthful metabolism. Guys and girls take the servings suggested on the bottle. Usually this is 1 capsule or gel cap with three meals. I know that sounds like a lot but the product itself is not expensive and the results are worth it.

Aaron takes: Protein, BCAA, Amino Acids, Caffeine

Sam takes: Protein, Amino Acids, CLA

Remember, each individual is different. This list of supplements for beginners will allow you to determine what your needs are and which option works best for you.





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