What’s in a great workout? We believe a mix of cardio, strength and a serious endorphin rush make for an awesome workout formula. But getting all of that in an efficient 15 minute workout? Well that’s just madness. Or not.

If you’ve spent most of your life believing that a really good workout has to last at least 30 minutes, this might seem way too good to be true. But, we think you’ll believe in our methods of madness somewhere around minute five.

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Get in the right mindset

Just because you’ll be finished with your workout in the time it takes to listen to five songs on the radio, you’ll still want to make sure you’re in the proper mental state for a HIIT workout. Why? Because even though your total workout will be short and sweet, it will also be much more intense than what you’re used to. It’s important to be ready to push yourself through this 15 minute workout so that you don’t give up in the earlier minutes.

Make a 15 minute playlist

Choose a playlist for your workout that’s filled with your favorite songs. Then let that playlist act as your timer. JUST 5 OR 6 SONGS!!! By memorizing the playlist order, each time a song is over you’ll know you’re that much closer to the end of your workout.

Choose a playlist for your 15 minute workout that’s filled with your favorite songs.

Take the right supplements

If supplements are your thing, don’t be afraid to take a pre-workout supplement to get your energy up so that you can push through to the end. Even though this workout is short, you’ll still be using as much energy as you would for a longer, lower-intensity workout.

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Hydrate for your 15 minute workout

And we don’t mean drink a bunch of water 5 minutes before you start! Think ahead in the hours leading up to your workout. So how much should you be drinking? According to WebMD, you should try to drink 15 to 20oz of water in the one to two hours leading up to your workout.

Take care of yourself post-workout

Once you’ve finished out, be sure to re-hydrate and get some protein into your body. Your protein can be in the form of a small snack, or a protein supplement.

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15 minute workout

Warm up – 3 minutes


KB Swing

Shoulder Touch


Gate Squat

Bench Dip

Shoulder touches, gate squats and bench dips are covered here: 5 strength training exercises for beginners

Each exercise consists of 4 rounds of the following: 20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest. Once you are done with the 4 rounds of an exercise, move on to the next exercise until you’ve completed all six. This 15 minute workout will leave you tired, but feeling great!












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