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Aaron and Sam make up a fitness blogging couple located in Columbus, Ohio who believe that a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t mean missing out on anything. Aaron is a personal trainer and Sam is not. Together they’ve found a happy medium and want to share their findings with you!

The Athlete & the Mathlete is for beginners who want to just get started. We believe in sharing our personal experiences to inspire others to take the first step

Aaron and Sam

Sam & Aaron

Hey there! Sam here! I’m just your average Testing & Optimization Analyst. It’s a long title, but it means I swim through a sea of numbers all day. Am I a fitness fanatic? No way. Just trying to find a hack or two to have fun and stay healthy.


Hi I’m Aaron. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for over 6 years. I was a high school and collegiate athlete and now I enjoy training people who want to positively impact their lives through healthy habits and exercise. I’m into fishing, obstacle course racing and I have a thing for nerdy girls. 😉