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These 5 fat loss myths will lead you in the wrong direction and could even make you gain weight. This post rounds them up and provides healthy alternatives. Click through for more information!

5 fat loss myths you should forget right now

We’ve all been there. There’s a special event coming up and you need to shed some pounds to prepare. Unfortunately though, there are a lot of fat loss myths out there that will not only lead you in the wrong direction, but might actually make your fat loss progress worse. Chances are, you’ve heard at least one of these fat loss myths before. We’re here to clear up the confusion and send you on your way.

Fat loss myth 1: Add more cardio

For many beginners who want to lose fat, adding on a ton of cardio seems to be the first step. It’s a common misconception that doing endless hours of (often boring) cardio will allow you to shed pounds in no time.

The truth is, you will see an initial drop when you hop on the scale. But the sad part is, if you’re only doing cardio, those pounds are a lot of water weight and maybe a little fat loss. *womp womp* The really crappy part of only doing cardio is that our bodies are constantly adapting to the stress that typically burns fat. So, in the beginning of your new cardio schedule you might be able to burn some fat by running two miles a day. But soon your body will adapt and it will take three or four miles to get the same results.

What’s worse? After a while if cardio is all you do, you will end up burning up all of your fat and muscle at the same time. So the pounds? Yes, they’ll drop. But you’re not really burning off the stuff you want to burn.

But trust us, cardio is NOT the enemy! Slow steady runs, bike rides or elliptical sessions once or twice a week are great! Just don’t make them your only source of exercise. Try doing a HIIT workout or some form of circuit training to keep your muscle, burn your fat and still lose some weight in the process.

Fat loss myth 2: Majorly lower your calorie intake

We live in a world where we believe if a little is good then a lot must be better. Cutting calories by too much will make you lose some serious pounds in water weight. You will also be hungry, grumpy, and tired the whole time. Eventually your body will go into survival mode and start to burn up muscle and fat at the same time.

And that’s not all. Let’s say you majorly cut your calorie count. If it’s not sustainable and you go back to your old diet, your body will hold onto every calorie it can and store it as much as possible. So as a result, you’ve now actually gained more weight than you were carrying before.

The good news with this myth is that there’s actually a right way to restrict calories. But, instead of restricting all calories, try to restrict only certain types of calories. Yes a calorie is a calorie, but we believe some are better than others.

If you were to eat 2 slices of stuffed crust pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut, that would be roughly 680 calories. That’s just two slices. I know when we go for pizza it’s not just two. Now, let’s make a 680 calorie meal that’s healthy and filling. 10oz of chicken breast 220 cal, 1 cup brown rice 216 cal, ½ and avocado 161, and 11 cups of spinach with a splash of vinegar and pepper. That’s a lot of food!

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Fat loss myth 3: Stop eating carbs

This is not good for a couple reasons. First, carbs are where you get your energy for your workouts and your energy to, you know, just comfortably live throughout the day. If you cut them out, you’ll likely become tired and grumpy.

Second, let’s be honest, carbs taste really freakin’ good. And if there’s one thing we’ve all learned from Regina George is that when you try to completely knock a delicious food group out of your diet, you’ll be craving some dang cheese fries! Healthy versions of carbs like sweet potatoes and brown rice can help you form a healthy and nutritious meal. These carbs are good for your body and will give you the natural energy you need to stay on track with your diet and you workout plan.

Fat loss myth 4: Avoid fruit

There are a few people out there who believe that because fruit has sugar you should not eat it while you’re trying to lose weight. We have a similar response for this that we did for the no carbs myth, and that’s consume your fruits in moderation.

Here’s what we love about fruit though… When you’re craving sugar, it’s an extremely healthy alternative to candy. Fruit will provide you with vitamins, water and antioxidants: all at a low calorie count. Eat fruit, but focus your energy on eliminating unhealthy sugars and carbs.

Fat loss myth 5: Eat more frequently to boost your metabolism

This is a common one that trainers everywhere tell their clients. Essentially the myth is that because your body is being fed more often, your metabolism will rise to keep up. There has never been any scientific proof that this is the case.

While eating 6 small meals a day to get your calories in is not a horrible plan if it works for you, don’t get discouraged if it’s just not practical. If you eat 3 meals a day and keep them balanced, you will get the same benefits of 6 or 7 meals with the same food spread throughout the day.

Your next steps

Now that you know what not to do, where should you go next? That’s where we come in! We’ve developed an awesome challenge that will get you on the right track in just one week! Join our Back on Track Challenge by clicking the link below. The challenge will guide you in goal formation and provide you with a week’s worth of manageable daily workouts. And it’s completely FREE! We can’t wait to hear about your progress!



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The initial hurdle to getting fit is finding the workout motivation to get you to the gym. The first few visits are the absolute worst. Luckily, we have 19 hacks that will help get you to the gym and going back over and over again. Pin this and reference for tons of motivation!

Workout motivation: 19 hacks to get you back to the gym

The initial hurdle to getting fit is finding the workout motivation to get you to the gym. The first few visits are the absolute worst. Luckily, we have 19 hacks that will help get you to the gym and going back over and over again.

1. Plan shorter workouts

Just because you’re working out today doesn’t mean you have to be in the gym for an hour. Even a 10 minute workout will get your heart rate up and burn some calories. Once you finish a 10 minute workout, you might find yourself sticking around for another 10 minutes since you’re already dressed and in your workout mindset.

2. Pay if you don’t go

This is a little trick I stumbled upon a few months ago. I am not a morning workout person. Almost nothing gets me out of bed  (other than work) in the mornings. Then I discovered ClassPass and their late cancellation fee. Sounds like a pain in the butt, right? Well, it is. But there’s nothing I hate more than paying for a class and then paying to not go to a class. Don’t get me wrong. I grumbled and pouted every single morning. Until it was over. Then I was so happy to have gotten my workout out of the way for the day. That feeling of accomplishment that starts in the morning lasts with you all day.

3. Sleep in your gym clothes

Another morning workout  motivation hack is to sleep in your gym clothes. Gym clothes and pajamas aren’t all that different if you think about it. They’re stretchy and comfy and can be wrinkled without judgement. The struggle is so real in the morning, especially when it comes to physical activity before sunrise. Roll out of bed ready to go. Put your hair in a messy bun and get your booty to the gym!

4. Treat ‘yo self

What would make you sooooo happy after a workout? Is it a smoothie you usually wouldn’t spend time making? Is it a Starbuck’s latte? Or all of the above? (Try this: 1 scoop  Cookie’s ‘n Cream protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup cold brew coffee, 1 cup almond milk. Blend. It’s heaven!) Reward yourself with something that will get you moving and excited to finish your workout.

5. Make it a date

You might be willing to break a date with the treadmill, but you’re much less likely to break a date with a human. Especially one you don’t know very well. Schedule workout ‘dates’ with the new girl in the office. You’ll feel guilty ditching her so your fear of letting another person down will serve as great workout motivation!

6. Pre-workout motivation

I think it would be absolute torture to drink a pre-workout and then not work out. The key here is to take the pre-workout before you can talk yourself out of it. For example, for this hack to work, you’d want to make sure you make it a habit to reach for it right when you get home from work every day. Then move it! You’ll want to get changed and in the gym ASAP before the drink kicks in!

7. Multi-task with something you love

This one rarely fails me. As long as I’m binging on a great book or a TV series, I actually want to get my workout started. In order for this to work, find some sort of media (TV, a book or a podcast) with GREAT reviews from not just the internet, but a good friend. Then only allow yourself to watch/listen/read while you’re working out.

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8. Schedule a race

This workout motivation hack will work if you’re a little afraid of failure. If the idea of not completing a race is scary enough to get you training, this hack might be for you! Schedule your race, determine what you need to do to train for it, and then stick to your schedule. The bonus will be how great you feel once you’ve reached your goal.

9. Write down your goals

It’s hard to keep yourself accountable if you haven’t officially written out any of your goals. Write down your fitness related goals and then break them down into smaller goals. Keep track of them in a journal on a regular basis. The act of writing down what you’re trying to accomplish will keep your objectives at the top of your mind.

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10. Get really organized

Buy a notebook, use your Google Calendar, open up a Word Doc. Whatever your process… get yourself organized. It’s so easy to ditch your plan if you don’t have one. Pick a planning day (Sundays are mine!) and write down every single workout you’ll do for the week. Don’t stop there. Predict the challenges you’ll have and plan a reward for completing all of your workouts.

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11. Find virtual workout motivation

You may or may not be a lover of all things Facebook. But one thing I’ve learned recently is that there is a Facebook Group for almost everything. If you’re looking for a community of like-minded people trying to reach similar fitness goals, there is a motivational group waiting for you.

12. Make it a competition

On the other hand, a little friendly competition might give you some workout motivation as well. Challenge your girls to a workout challenge. Set individual goals, track your progress in a Google Doc and get competitive!

13. Try something new

Always wanted to try ballet? Try it out. Never tried Pilates? What are you waiting for? Working out does not have to be a chore. In fact, it shouldn’t be. You will be much more successful if you find something you love and stick to it. Some people need to switch things up on a regular basis (that’s me!) If you find yourself wanting to try all sorts of workouts, I recommend signing up for ClassPass, which will allow you to pay one monthly fee and attend a wide variety of classes.

14. Plan ahead

Pack your gym clothes, plan your healthy snacks and get ready to be successful before your workout even begins. The more you plan, the harder it will bee to skip a workout. If everything you need is in its place and ready to go, your excuses will become limited and all you’ll have left to do is go to the gym.

15. Set (very) small goals

Like, I’m talking tiny. Commit to working out for 1 minute or doing 1 push up each day. The idea for this hack is that once you finish a one minute workout, you’ll do more… and more… Read more about that here: Mini habits will help you start working out

16. Combine cardio and strength

Why spend twice as much time working out? Workouts that combine strength and cardio can cut your workout time in half and allow you to continue burning calories throughout your day (after your workout is over!). This is the ultimate workout hack! Try some of our favorite short workouts that combine strength and cardio.

17. Buy some workout clothes you love

It might hurt your bank account a little, but in the long run, it could be an investment that’s great for your health! Similar to hack number two, if you spend money on workout clothes, you’ll be motivated to use them. Also, I don’t know about you, but I always feel wayyy more athletic in new gym clothes.

18. Find a fitness app you love

My Runkeeper app and my Fitbit app not only make working out fun, but their push notifications remind me when I’m slacking. These smartphone apps were designed to keep the fun in working out. As a technology lover, I find myself very motivated by fitness tech.

19. Find a plan and don’t quit it!

Pick out a plan and stick to it for a few days. I know… it sucks when you start, but you’ll find that you begin feeling more and more motivated as you begin seeing results. The real trick? Don’t stop. Keep doing something and you begin to form a habit that doesn’t go away. Then, you’ll become your own workout motivation.

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